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My name is Mia Sakai and I am London based Photographer & Creative Director. My work primarily focuses on editorial and portraiture projects. For those of you who are new to my work, I focus on storytelling through my created world called The Aetherverse 🌈✨

 The Aetherverse is a Utopia in which I draw inspiration from real people and stories combining them with an imagined future. I explore the thought that the suffering, pain and marginalisation – notions associated with darkness, can be communicated with light - aiming to fill my images with endless joy, hope and possibilities 🦋  Through my work I aim to marry ideas that explore the diaspora and utopia simultaneously. 💒🕊  I want to bring a feeling of positivity and beauty to my viewer, even if it is only briefly.

Please keep up to date with me and my work via Instagram or feel free to visit my print store to purchase a signed high-quality print of my work.

Thank you for stopping by!

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