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Seminar ticket (multiple dates)

£7.00 GBP

My name is Mia and I am a fashion photographer, creative director and founder of Aether Magazine. I have been been creating and producing Aether for 6 years now and I have learnt SO MUCH along the way. If I had someone who knew what I knew now around me when I started I know the journey could have been a lot more bearable at times. I wouldn’t change it for the world but I decided I want to share what I’ve learnt so far with others in hope that I may be able to offer the help/advice that I didn't have!

The seminar will cover:

- How I started Aether Magazine & the inspiration behind it

- Advice on starting your own magazine and/or platform (and what I would tell my younger self and if I knew what I knew now)

- Essential do’s and don'ts talking from my personal experience and mistakes

- Talking about my experience in the creative/fashion industry (especially as a self-taught photographer) and tackling imposter syndrome

- Planning / running your own event (will also be hosting a seminar dedicated to this so watch out for that!)

- Answering any questions you may have

It would mean a lot to me to help others begin their journey into the creative world with confidence and support - especially as someone who didn't have any! I still have so much to learn but I still think I have a lot to offer those who are just starting out or just generally interested in the subject. If this is something that would be of interest to you or someone you know, please share this!

On the 5th of September, I will be having a guest speaker Ebony Louise Barrett join me to speak about how she started her very own zine, Bon Bon Magazine. She will be sharing with us her experience so far and any tips she may have to share with us 50% of the proceeds from this talk will go towards her GoFundMe in which she is raising funds to pay for her poorly cat, Lola. Any extra donations can be made here:

All seminars will be hosted via Zoom or Google Meet at 3:00pm-4:00pm for which you will receive the link on the day and they are likely to be between 1hr - 1hr15 with questions. Thank you so much and can't wait to see you all!

Mia x

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